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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Part 2 – Jesuits

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History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 3 Part 2 – Jesuits  Jesuits o Priestly order within the Catholic Church, part of the Reformation within the Catholic Church  Founded in Paris in 1539 by a Basque-Spanish priest named Ignatius Loyola  Later became a saint  Legitimized by Pope Paul III o Helped and hindered the trade with Natives o Jesuit a derogatory term used by their enemies, were actually called the Clerks Regular of the Society of Jesus o More flexible in their approach to convert natives to Christianity, tried to understand local customs and incorporate Christian customs into it o Very well educated o Famous Jesuits  Paul Le Jeune (leader)  Ennemond Massé  Pierre Biard  Jarome Lalement  Jean de Brébeuf o Donnés  Supporters of the Jesuits  Helped them run masses, etc. o Most famous presence is among the Huron, e.g. Ste. Marie Among the Huron o Eventually Jesuits lived among the Iroquois Five Nations o A lot of the converted Iroquois left Iroquioa and moved closer to Quebec to be closer to the missionaries o Kateri Tekakwitha  Mohawk girl, converted when she was 10  Baptized at 19, died at 24  Influential over the Mohawk people  Miracles ascribed to her, made holy/beatified in 1980, will be made a Catholic saint/canonized in October 2012  Jesuit Methodology o Had to learn Native languages, very difficult given the number of languages out there and had to write things in their language  Prayer, etc. o Only useful if natives were willing to listen to them talk about Christianity o Very good at attracting an audience  Sacraments had elaborate rituals (rosary beads, incense, etc.) o Tried very hard to supplant t
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