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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Part 2 – Seven Years War

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History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 7 Part 2 – Seven Years War  After French are ousted from North America… o Having Quebec caused problems for the British  Had to set up an internal Quebec government  Military governors set up in 3 major centers  General James Murray – Quebec  General Frederick Haldimand – Trois-Riveres  Montreal: General Thomas Gage  Gage and Haldimand report to Murray o James Murray  Well-educated Scot, gentleman, great military man  Showed extraordinary concern to the general French Canadian population, disliked the aristocrats  Couldn’t afford to make enemies of the French Canadians, needed their support  Becomes the protector of French Canadian culture  Kept their traditions, religion (priests, missionaries, etc.), seigneurial system kept in place, church tax not enforced, etc.  Under British rule, not much changed in Quebec, Governors take place of the Intendant  British wanted as little disruption and change as possible, had intention of being paternalistic to the French Canadians and heal the wounds of war o Immediate problem: British merchants  Came up to Quebec from the Thirteen Colonies  Wanted to get involved in the fur trade and wanted representative government in the new British colony o The Royal Proclamation  1. Ratified territorial surrenders  French empire in North America done  Retained St. Pierre and Miquelon  Retained fishing rights off northern Newfoundland  2. Assimilation of French Canadians  British laws, rules, etc.  Labrador put under the control of Newfoundland  Thought it would attract colonists from the Thirteen Colonies to help with the assimilation process  James Murray made first Civil Governor of Quebec  Native Territory put under British Protects  4. Native Policy  Established constitutional framework for the negotiation of Native treaties  In order to gain land/sessions from the Natives have to be made through the British crown, no more private deals  Not well received by the Natives, led to war in the Ohio country – Pontiac’s War  Proclamation of 1763  Colonists cannot move westward across the Appalachian Mountains (Native territory)  British-Native Relations o Pontiac had great support from a wide variety of different tribes o First war developed from the Native perspective o Specific grievances o Lots of inter-tribal cooperation o British had promised that they would leave the Ohio Valley once the Seven Years’ War was won o British didn’t trust the Natives who converted to Ro
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