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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Part 1 – Seven Years War

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History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 7 Part 1 – Seven Years War  British get a new Prime Minister – William Pitt the Elder o Knew Britain needed more manpower in North America o British troops under the command of General Jeffery Amherst  Montcalm didn’t follow up victory at Fort William Henry o Doesn’t occupy it, moves to Fort Carillon  Second British Offensive – 1758 o First attack on Fort Duquesne o Attack Forts Carillon and Frontenac in the center o Attack on Louisbourg o Unlike the first offensive, they start up the middle, directly against Montcalm at Carillon  Battle of Ticonderoga  French soundly defeat the British  Montcalm and his forces fought brilliant defensive with no Native support  Don’t take Carillon, but at successful against Frontenac  Cuts of the French interior  First death blow against the French o Fort Duquesne  Big army goes out under General John Forbes  Had to build another road  Forbes’ road was much wider, straight in from Pennsylvania and build garrisons every few miles  Captured and renamed Fort Pitt, eventually becomes Pittsburgh o Louisbourg  Huge fleet assembled in Halifax to attack Louisbourg  Admiral Charles Saunders in charge of the fleet, Major General James Wolfe in charge of the ground troops  Split into 2 groups: part seized Louisbourg and the other part went to Quebec  Attack took 2 months, but British eventually take Louisbourg  Second death blow to the French o Quebec  Wasn’t a matter of just sailing up the river; harassed all the French settlers along the St. Lawrence  British frustrated trying to find a place to land their fleet  Montcalm established forts on the Beauport Flats  Eventually land on the Ile d’Orleans, move over to Point Levi  Bombarded Quebec for months  Great deal of damage, most people had fled up into the citadel
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