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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Part 2 – Confederation

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Western University
History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 11 Part 2 – Confederation  Confederation o Confederation agreed upon, 72 resolutions on how it should happen/work o McDonald was almost the sole authour of the Resolutions o Resolutions:  1. Give the federal government much greater powers than the federal government had in the United States  Cannot give the provinces too much say, unlike the US, problem during the American Revolution o Drafted and approved fairly quickly in Province of Canada, ran into problems in the Maritimes  PEI and Newfoundland rejected all of them  Anti-confederation movement starts in the Maritimes/Atlantic provinces  Joseph Howe finally spoke up, absolutely against confederation  Don’t need a federal government and 5 provincial governments to govern 4 million people  Confederation would never work, stressed the French Canadian factor o End of the American Civil War in 1865  Americans pulled the plug on the Reciprocity Treaty  Why?  Out of spite to Britain for supporting the South? Unlikely  Just fought the most costly war in their history, make most of their money on import tariffs  Britain happy to get out of it, colonies beginning to become expensive o British North America Act: July 1, 1867  Canada West becomes Ontario  Canada East becomes Quebec  Only 4 provinces confederated: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia  British Columbia dragging its feet: made it a condition that it would join confederation provided they got a railway line connecting them  United States had just purchased Alaska in June 1867, convinces British Columbia more  1871: British Columbia joins confederation  1873: PEI joins providing the federal government provides
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