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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Part 1 – Confederation

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Western University
History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 11 Part 1 – Confederation  Legislative Assembly in the Province of Canada o French Canadians wanted representation by population o Canada West’s population passes Canada East quickly because there was more land available o Once the population of Canada West was larger, then they wanted more people in the Assembly (rep by pop)  Political strife never went away o Causes many deadlocks, upsets the people, radicals come to the floor again  Reform English appear, known as the Clear Grits (now known as the Liberal Party), led by George Brown (owner and editor of the Globe)  New French Reform radicals appear, known as Parti Rouge, led by Antoine Dorion  Now have 6 factions in the Assembly with the same number of seats (42 for Canada West and 42 for Canada East) o Parti Rouge was radical in the sense that it began to attack the Catholic Church  Start to become anti-clerical  Didn’t want the church to have so much say on how the part of the Province was run  Frightened other French Canadians, going against their traditions o Moderate French Reformers, known as Bleus, started to work with they Tories (long time enemies) to go against the Parti Rouge  All 4 of the original factions join together, including the Bleus, and form the Liberal-Conservative Party in 1854  John A. McDonald steps into the limelight: elected as Attorney General  Strongest voice of the Party o Deeply entrenched differences between French and English still
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