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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Part 3 – Sir John A. McDonald, Louis Riel & The Manitoba Act

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History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 11 Part 3 – Sir John A. McDonald, Louis Riel and The Manitoba Act  Sir John A McDonald o Knighted upon election as first Prime Minister o One of the founders of the Conservative Party o Elected to the Legislative Assembly in 1843 o Known for his astuteness o Did not hesitate to change his mind or contradict himself o Very tall, loud voice o Tragic personal life: wife was addicted to opium  Drinker, often at rallies drunk  Canada has to look west to expand o Government needs land to expand o British Government passes the Rupert’s Land Act – 1868  Offered the Hudson Bay Company 300,000 pounds for a huge piece of Rupert’s Land  Huge amount of land added to Canada, called the Northwest Territory  First governor was William McDougall  Creating a road very important to get people to move west  Scottish settlers who really want the road, not the English, French Canadians or Métis o Métis worried about their way of life/culture  Called on Louis Riel to stand up for them  Louis Riel o Educated in Montreal o Influenced by growing French Canadian nationalism o Couldn’t marry the girl he wanted because he was an “Indian” o Went to fight the government over building the road, petitioned them o Organizes a Métis national committee, wanted to speak for everyone in the Red River settlement o Puts up roadblocks against the surveyors for the road o Seized the Hudson Bay Company at Fort Garry and blocked route to Red River through the United States
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