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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 Part 4 – Metis Rebellion

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History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 12 Part 4 – Westward Expansion  Métis Rebellion o Policed by the Northwest Mounted Police o Same thing happened as it did in the Red River Settlement – surveyors didn’t see the Métis as claiming the land for themselves o Plains tribes fighting for themselves and their interests as well  Buffalo have disappeared, widespread disease, etc. o Even Europeans that live out there are unhappy o Sitting Bull brings many more people into Canada after the Battle of Little Big Horn and seek refuge after the avenging Americans after the slaughter of General Custer and his men  Louis Riel o Returns to Canada in 1864 o Convicted of the murder of Thomas Scott o Ran and won a seat in Manitoba, didn’t take it though o Sensible Riel: wanted to stay in the United States and to work with the American Métis people o Radical Riel: wanted to come back to Canada and complete the job he didn’t finish (liberating his people)  Wanted to organize a military invasion of Manitoba  Tried to create an alliance between the Plains natives and the Métis o Prophetic Riel: has visions and revelations, tried to change the Sabbath, took it as a sign of God that he was asked to come back to Canada  Started to call himself David  Preparing the world for the apocalypse  Gets into trouble with the Catholic Church, eventually excommunicated and formed his own church o Riel’s demands for Saskatchewan territory  Provincial status of Saskatchewan territory  Elected government  French language schools  Control of natural resources  More favourable
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