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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 Part 3 – Canada On the World Stage in the 20th Century

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History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 13 Part 3 – Canada On the World Stage in the 20 Century  Canada on the World Stage in the 20 Century o Canadians starting to look more to the outside world, other than just Britain and the United States o What place should Canada have in the British Empire? o Canada should have more to say on the international stage  All politicians wanted it, just had different ways to achieve it  Nationalists vs. Imperialists  Nationalists  Canada should become more independent from Britain  E.g. Laurier  Imperialists  Canada could have a bigger voice within the British Empire o More power for Canada to make decisions which serve the Canadian people better o Britain pulling its colonies together to be sure of the empire’s strength  Britain’s place in the world was being challenged by the world (US, Germany, etc.) o Countries fighting over Africa for more colonies: Boer War 1899-1902  Made for a lot of tension in European politics o Britain called an Imperial Conference, 1897  Delegations from all dominions go to London to see how things stand with
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