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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 Part 4 - Post-WWI Expansion

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Western University
History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 14 Part 4 - Post-World War I Expansion  Northern expansion o Into semi-barren shield, Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, etc. o For mining, forestry, etc. for export o Ability to transport electricity allowed for expansion into places where there are no roads, etc. o Planes able to land on water and carry equipment very important o Panama Canal extremely important for moving goods; didn’t have to go down around South America to access the Atlantic  Opened in 1913  Urban Growth o Expansion of cities and creation of major cities o Many more small towns form around mines, farms, etc. o Gravel roads o Over 80,000 miles of dirt and gravel roads created  Automotive Industry o More leisure time allowed for more travel, go on vacations  Really starts in the 1920s o E.g. Ford Model T  Natives o Social services, liquor control, education all came under provincial legislation  Impossible to achieve national uniformity, Canada is just too big o Especially in terms of social services o Government gives provinces money for social services and expects them all to do the same thing o Creates a warped power balance  Labour Unrest o Affected the manufacturing industry o New ideas filtering in from all around the world, especially
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