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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 Part 3 - Post-WWI

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History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 14 Part 3 - Post-World War I  1920s o Military and civil demobilization had to occur; had to return to normal o Canada lost 60,001 men  137,000 returned wounded  70,000 severely disabled (blinded, shell-shocked, amputees, etc.) o Department of Civil Reestablishment and Invalid Soldier Commission created  Rehab centers, prosthetics, etc. to ease soldiers back into society o Soldier Settlement Act, 1917  For soldiers who returned mentally and physically sound  Veterans given parcels of land and interest-free loans to buy livestock if they wanted to become farmers  Most land that was given came from Native reserves  Didn’t apply to Native soldiers, sent back to their reserves  Tried to return to the world, but was very difficult o Soldiers that returned found a different country  Economic growth and change  Terrible medical nightmare of the Spanish Flu that broke out in 1919  Killed over 50,000 Canadians  Raged from 1918-1920  Female relatives over 21 had right to vote in federal elections and run for federal office o Women’s Suffrage  Canadian Suffrage Association & National Equal Franchise Union  War gave them a push towards their goal for universal suffrage  Federal vote given to Natives on reserves and those who had fought in the war  Provincial Votes:  Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba: 1916  Ontario: 1917  Nova Scotia: 1918  New Brunswick: 1919  Newfoundland: 1925  Quebec: 1945 o Humanitarian/Social reforms
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