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Lecture 15

Lecture 15 Part 1 – William Lyon Mackenzie King

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Western University
History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 15 Part 1 – William Lyon Mackenzie King  William Lyon Mackenzie King o Prime Minister for 22 years o Best known for being a pacifist o Never acted in haste, served him well in the long run o Seen by his critics as a chameleon, tried to please everyone o Americans virtually ignored him, as did French Canadians at first  Contemporary of Roosevelt o Ability to compromise his greatest strength; shifted left or right depending on politics but never strayed far from the center o Smooth talker, long-winded, told people what they wanted to hear o Grandson of William Lyon Mackenzie, who led the Upper Canada rebellion o PhD in politics from Harvard University o Became the leader of the Liberal Party in 1919 after the death of Sir Wilfred Laurier  Party fractured because of the conscription issue during WWI  Had to heal the rifts within his own party o Arthur Meighen takes over as Prime Minister after Borden retired in 1920  King and Meighen loathed each other  Squared off in the parliamentary crisis  Election of 1921 o Conservatives won 50 seats, Progressives 69 seats, Liberals 116 seats  Cannot form a government unless they get support from one of the other parties; minority government  King used the naivety of the new Progressives to forma government  1921-1925; longest minority government until recently o King calls an election in 1925, wanting to form a majority government  Election of 1925 o Conservatives 116 seats, Liberals 99, Progressives 30 o King loses his own riding o Co
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