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Lecture 18

Lecture 18 Part 2 – La Révolution Tranquille

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Western University
History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 18 Part 2 – La Révolution Tranquille  The Quiet Revolution/La Révolution Tranquille o Redefined French Canadian nationalism  Changed from inward looking to an outward looking modern province  Afraid of losing their culture, even with the Quebec Act  French have good reason to be skeptical  System of defense to protect themselves from an English- speaking world and everything that Quebec is not o Education in Quebec still controlled by the Catholic church  No school boards, etc. like there was in all the other provinces  No sciences, technology, etc.  Many left Quebec for education, to English Canada or US o Said that because of Duplessis, Canada stayed in the dark age o Padlock Law  Introduced by Duplessis  To protect Quebec from communist propaganda  Government could evict any person and destroy goods without due cause  Very harsh, repressive, in force for 20 years; overturned by the Supreme Court in 1957 o Duplessis took hard and oppressive measures during Asbestos Strike  Catholic church splits as a result: some support Duplessis and others supported the strikers  Bishop Charbonneau supported the strikers o Neo-Nationalists  Wanted Quebec to be modern, but didn’t agree on how it should happen  Differed politically  First wave of separatism, others didn’t agree  Wanted the government to take over the economy o Jean Lesage  Takes over after Duplessis dies, Liberal  Supportive of the young intellectuals  Changes:  Changed electoral map to give better representation in urban areas
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