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Lecture 18

Lecture 18 Part 3 – Pierre Elliott Trudeau and the Appearance of French Canadian Radicals

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Western University
History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 18 Part 3 – Pierre Elliott Trudeau and the Appearance of French Canadian Radicals  Pierre Elliott Trudeau o Strong-willed prime minister who pushed for a strong central government and national unity o One of the young intellectuals, studied abroad in US, France and England o Was a lawyer, law professor, editor of a journal and joined the federal Liberal party in 1967  Trudeau becomes the Minister of Justice in 1967  Caught the spotlight by liberalizing many laws o Wins a strong majority government in 1968  Extremely popular, “Trudeau-mania”  “If there were more men like Trudeau, the world would be a better place” – John Lennon o Why all the fuss about Trudeau?  Right man for the right time, understood the time (hippies, Woodstock, etc.)  Appealed to young and old at the same time, bridged the generation gap  Sex appeal, similar to John F. Kennedy  Completely bilingual  Committed federalist, national unity most important  Strong central government  Individualist: committed to protecting individual rights, not group rights  Official Languages Act, 1969 o Declared that both French and English were official languages in Canada o Everything in Canada has to be bilingual  All government employees sent to French schools to become bilingual  English forced on Quebec  First decisive move on Trudeau’s part to deal with Quebec  Appearance of the Radicals and Ultra-Radicals o Radicals  Made up of young intellectuals  Lots of support  Pushed for the idea of an independent Quebec  Wanted  Nation of English as an official language  English to be restricted in business  Retention of business profits in Quebec  Annexation of certain territories to Quebec, mostly Cree country  Homeland for French speakers outside Quebec  “Main stream separatists”  Expo 1967: Charles de Gaulle “vive le Quebec libre”, outraged Canada  Parti Québécois founded shortly after in 1967  Led by Rene Levesque  Canada stunned by this turn of events  Called it a “sovereignty association”  Three parties in Quebec now, politics far from stable  Riots in Montreal, labour strikes, etc. o Ultra-Radicals  FLQ: Front de liberation du Quebec  Predate the founding of the Parti Quebecois  Used propaganda and terrorism to push the idea of the separate Quebec  Biggest spokesman was Pierre Vallieres  “The White Niggers of America” – French Canadians no more than slaves  1953-1970: several bombings of places like federal armories, bookstores, Montreal stock exchange, etc.  Periodic bursts of violence  Several members caught and jailed  Not the same or affil
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