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Lecture 3

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Western University
History 2201E
Michelle Hamilton

Lecture 3 September 19, 2012 Explorations & Contacts II  John Day, Bristol, England, 1480s o Hired by merchant companies o Bristol is a shipping port with many merchants who invest in explorations o Day talks about being sent by merchants of Bristol to Isle of Brasile o Day was on a boat carrying salt, which means that the ship was out looking for fish o Wrote a letter about Cabot, claiming that he (not Cabot) was the first to discover America  Giovanni Caboto, 1490s o Son of a merchant o Father was a trade in spices o 1490: moves to Spain  Maybe because he wanted to be involved in the early explorations  Spain was not interested in him because they had Columbus o 1490: approaches England and goes to Bristol to the merchants who have the money to back his trip  Approach King Henry IV  Wants to go around the north coast because Columbus went down the south coast o 1496: king gives Cabot the go-ahead  First trip is in this year  Trip was a failure  Had disagreement with the crew  Bad weather  Not enough food  Didn’t make it all the way before turning back o 1497: tries again and makes it to around Newfoundland area  Back in England Aug 6  Explored for approx a month  Found the Grand Bank on the coast of Newfoundland where there are many fishes  Left but never came back  Some say he shipwrecked on the coast of Newfoundland  Others say he was taken by Aboriginals  Treaty de Tordesillas 1494 o Portuguese negotiated a treaty with Spain that would draw a line north and south o Gave Portuguese the right to claim Newfoundland as part of their land  Joao Alvares Fagundes, 1520 o Found Newfoundland too cold o Went around the coast of Nova Scotia into the Bay of Fundy o Portugal gave him the right to all the lands we found  Corte-Real o Two unsuccessful attempts o Portugal believed that Newfoundland area was not a place to settle in but was great for fishing  Giovanni de Verrazzano, 1520s o France has a larger population and more money than other European countries, as well as more seaports o Magellan comes back to Spain and there is an increase interest o King wants de Verrazzano to do a exploration o First trip they make to the bay of Nova Scotia o Second trip they head more south towards N and S Carolina before heading up north on the coast  Estevao Gomes, 1525 o Portugese mapmaker and explorer o Was on the exploration with Magellan Lecture 3 September 19, 2012 o Map allows people to have more exploration  Diogo Ribeiero  John Rut, 1537 o English o Given a commission by Henry VIII o Make it only to Newfoundland o Sent by the king  Cartier & Roberval o Cartier
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