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oct 17

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History 2201E
Michelle Hamilton

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The Conquest of New France 7 Years War • Breaks out 2 years before it does in Europe Other wars start in Europe before the New World • • Need to strengthen the relations between Natives and some French living in the heavily wooded areas • Governor of France decides to construct a road between Ohio Valley and Fort Duquesne - a colony decision, not motherland • Decides to give gifts to the Natives as a symbol gesture of political alliance • Natives take this a sign that the French are only looking to expand themselves rather than maintaining/ creating a good working relationship • Virginia governor does not like this idea of the road construction • French and English retaliation • English have advantage over French - more people living in the 13 colonies than French in New France, more military support in Europe, more organized - but they don’t do very well at the beginning • French is unsure if they should be protecting the St. Lawrence area • French and Natives do well at the beginning • English attack Forts Niagara • Colonial militia are attacking but most decide to leave • Next, try to attack Saint Frederic - both sides retreat so nothing happens • English are only successful at Port Beausejour (Acadia) • When English take over, manyAcadians are deported • William Pitt - need to come up with a new plan since the original wasn’t working • Takes over New France Spends more men, money • • 1776: takes over Louisbourg first because it is the entrance to the St. Lawrence, which allows access to Quebec City • French lose Ohio Valley because they do not have enough military to cover a large piece of land • 1759: decides that is the year Quebec City is going to attack (Quebec City at this time is doing very well because of the blockade in Europe and so many military men and Natives are conjugating there because of the war) Plains ofAbraham • P ofAis just outside of Quebec • James Wolfe is the commander that took Louisbourg Wolfe has 2500 people lining up on the P ofA • • Battle is quick (30 mins) • Wolfe and Montcalm died short thereafter • English take over Quebec City • French army can’t get back up because of the blockade in Europe • Try to get back Quebec City the following year but fail • I
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