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oct 10

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History 2201E
Michelle Hamilton

October 10, 2012 Newfoundland &Acadia • By 1600: Spanish fishery dies out • Portugal and Spain become one country in the late 1500s French and Britain left to fight over the area (peninsula for fisheries) • • 2 ways people are preserving cod: • Wet/green cure - on ship • Putting salt • Dry cure - on land • May be willing to fight with other groups to get a better location to the water to fish • Spain has become a market because they are not fishing • English do mostly the dry cure because they’re selling to Spain • French and British are fighting for fishes on land Sir Humphrey Gilbert, 1583 • Given a patent by the queen • If you have settlements, you have competition for fishing • Puts up a pillar and drowns on the way home • England is fighting with Spain during this time, so settling is not a priority Early settlement experiments • Charter colonies - London & Bristol Co. - Cupids • Allowed to settle in the New World and bring over settlement but must pay for it • Cupids was not a successful company Proprietary colonies • • Government gives two individuals the right to bring people to settle • Sir William Vaughan/Renews • Given the right to settle • Walsh lawyer • Thinking more about settlement - thinking Newfoundland would be a place for those with economic situation to come to • Is not very success so he transfers his land to Baltimore • Lord Baltimore/Avalon at Ferryland • Wants to foundAvalon (town of Sarnia) • Motivation was that he was Catholic (Catholicism was not accepted at the time) Wanted people to come and practice religious tolerance • • Calls Newfoundland a miserable place • Establishes the state of Maryland where he establishes a place for Roman Catholics to come practice their religion free of persecution • Settlements don’t work because farming land is more in the interior of the country • They were settling on the coast • Want to settle on the coast because that’s where the fishes are • Some that are moving are intending to move to New England, not Newfoundland • Royal colony - Plaisance or Placentia • French are also trying to settle Around the same time that New France has settled and started developing an economic system • Governance • Fishing admiralty system • Government system • Changes every year because the captain of the ship that lands is in charge • Got first choice - select the best • Gets to assign what ships get what area • Has to maintain order of his and all the other ships • Only have fishermen, no military on board - difficult to maintain order Fir
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