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History 2201E
Michelle Hamilton

November 12, 2012 Rebellion in Lower Canada Government structure • King > Parliament > Governor General > Representative of the Governor > (A) Executive Council & (B) Legislative Council • Population > LegislativeAssembly • Nothing connecting the legislative assembly with the executive council and legislative council • Attempt to assimilate French Canadians with Lower Canada • Elected legislative assembly has a sizable French majority • Legislative assembly can suggest raising taxes to be able to generate revenue • Executive council and legislative council have their own revenue for money • Money they get from selling land goes to the governor • Oligarchy • Government by the many for the few Patronage • • Upper elite person can get position just by being loyal and being connected to certain individuals • Legislative council can tell legislative assembly that they are not interested in a proposal (eg: fixing road) • Structure is unworkable - many get frustrated, which later leads to a rebellion Rise in liberalism/radicalism • Parti canadien/parti patriot • People that tend to be liberal are the middle class - want more power in the legislative assembly - typically pro-French worried about their population • Dislike liberal perspectives because it steers away from the Church (which the conservative view as important) • Liberals don’t like the seigneurial system • Liberals prefer ownership • Liberals believe that education should not be controlled by the Church • One of the many reasons why the Church doesn’t like liberals • Some in this group are for and some are against the seigneurial system • Louis-Joseph Papineau Starts out as a liberal and becomes a radical • • Lawyer • Owns a seniorie • Becomes a politician • Elected to the legislative assembly • Takes what the legislative assembly does control and use it to actively fight with the merchants for what he wants • 1830s: starts attacking the executive and legislative council who really hates elected politicians • Thinks that Lower Canada should be independent and not part of the British colony • As he is becoming a radical, he declares himself as a Republican (and others accuse him of beingAmerican and wanting anAmerican style government) • Chateau Clique • Governor gives them land to farm or sell off • Often get government contract • Get political position • These people are really changing political policies and how government money is spent • Against the seigneurial system • John Molson - in the house of elected assembly November 12, 2012 • President of the Bank of Montreal - a powerful figure when it comes to economics • 1830s: becomes an appointed member of the legislative council where he supports the interest of merchants • Sir James Craig Governor general • • “Reign of Terror” - if the legislative assembly made a decision that he didn’t like, he would dismiss the assembly and call for an election • If those individuals from the assembly or similar individuals were elected, he would dismiss • Very little got done • Suggested that Lower and Upper should be merged together • Union? • It was a way to assimilate the French • Supported British immigration • For little French immigrations from France Wanted to get rid of the elected assembly altogether • • 1822-26: proposed to join the two provinces - doesn’t happen but it is a serious threat to the French who would be outnumbered in the government • Assembly thinks that a petition should be crafted and be sent to England hoping that something would be done • England suggests that the elected assembly will have more control over the money - but it doesn’t solve any problems because elected assembly can still be dismissed or ignored by legislative council • 92 resolutions • L
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