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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Imperial Politics & Economics

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

cWU`a^WŻÊ \W^S [ `U_U[Z[ U_ S`cS_`W^W S`[Z_\TW`cWWZ`WU[^WSZV`W\W^\W^ O ZY _U[ [ZW_S_WUW\`[Z`[a^[\WSZST_[ a`_ [ZS^UUS UWZ`^S S`[Z 4 [cW^VWb[bWVaZ Z`WZ` [ZS `[`W\W^ \W^ X^[[ZV[Z`[ U[[Z SY[bW^ZWZ`_ 4 SWVSa`S^WYWU` O b[ a`[Z[XU[ [ZS S__W T W_ 4 ^ ` _Y[bW^ZWZ`bW^ U[ZUW^ZWVc `[cZ\[ ` U_SZV __aW_ ZS`a^SV _S_`W^_U b cS^_W`U O u[a_W[Xa^YW__W_ 4 S__WVSc_X[^`[TSUU[_SbWU[VW_W`U 4 [Z` ZaWV`[[\W^S`WWbWZcWZ\S^ SWZ`cS_V __[bWV_SW Z W_`ZV W_ O SbYS`[ZU`_"ŵźźŴ& 4 W`_[XSc_ 4 [ZX ZWV`[SU[[Z S`^SVW`[ZY __ \_[^ZY _U[[Z S_ \_ 4 ^WcSV`[TWZY _ 4 ^WS`WVS _`WZaW^S`WVY[[V_`[TSUU[_aYS^Sc_`S`W_`S` `[_WY[[V_a_`TW_ \\WVX^[ZY _U[[Z `[ZYSZV[^ SZ[`W^U[[Z 4 [WZ_a^W`^SVWSZV\^[X `V[W_Z[`Y[`[X[^W YZ\[cW^_ 4 [Z` ZaWV`[ŵ! UWZ`a^ W^ USZWb[a` [Z 4 WZWX `_$YaS^SZ`WWVUa_`[W^_cS `[YS Z^ ` _U^WV `X ZSZU ZY X^[^ `S Z\^[`WU` [ZX^[`W^ ` _Sb O S^ S WZ`ZbWZ`_[cZ `[XU[ [ZS X[aZVZY 4 [[Z W_U^WS`WVX^[`WTWZWX `[XZYSZVWZ^ U`W_WbW_ X ZSZU S SZV_\ ^ `aS 4 SW`W_WbW_X[^Z[` b ZYa\`[ ` Wb[ a`[ZZ` SZ`U[ W^UW O ZYSZV_a^\S__W_W`W^SZV_S_`[\`^SV ZYU[aZ`^ 4 [ZV[Z^W\SUW__`W^VSS_`^SVWUS\ `S[X`Wc[^V O [Z_a W^Wb[ a`[Z 4 SVW\^[VaU`_[^WSXX[^VSTWX[^SU ` &WZ_ 4 ^SX`_WZSVW[USbW^_ [Z_[Xa^[\WSZY[[V_W `W_` U[Z` ZaWV `[\a^US_W \[^`WVa^[\WSZY[[V_ 4 [WZ\S WV \[^`SZ`^[W_` U[aVZ'`b[`WU[[_ ZY`[ \a^US_Wa^[\WSZY[[V__a\\[^` ZY[`W^U[aZ`^ `WZ^WXa_ ZY `[Ta `WVa^ ZYW^ USZWb[a` [Z `^aU`a^WSZV\W^S`[Z[X)[bW^ZSZUW O ^`_ [ `US bW^_Y` 4 c[^V_[X^SVW"ŵźŻŹ&, ^ b [aZU YWZ`WWZ `S^ WZW`U [_` S^ _`[U^S`_ 4 [S^V[X^SVW"ŵź-ź&,V^SX`Sc_SXXWU` ZY`WU[[Z W_SZV`WZ _WZV`W`[\S^ SWZ`WY _S` bW^Wb Wc[TT _`_WYWZ(S Z ^SZ* Z_` SV[\\[^`aZ ` `[bW`[Sc_ X`W cW^W\S__WVT `W Y[bW^Z[^ 4 `^aU`a^S S SZUW[XZY _[Z_``a`[Z A [[Z S+[bW^ZWZ`_\S^SW`[ZY __`^aU`a^W A [[Z SV XXW^WZUW_ ZW`[V[X_WWU` ZYY[bW^Z[^SZV U[aZU [ZS^U ^ _`[U^SU W[U^SU aWT [ZWaWT XWc aWT SZ [ S S [T ` W[\W-Ź/\[\ [ZS^U 0[a_W[X[^V_0[a_W[X[[Z_ ^SZZ YS^U
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