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Lecture 28 – Women and Men in the Late Nineteenth Century
Lecture 28 – Women and Men in the Late Nineteenth Century

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Western University
History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Lecture 28Women and Men in the Late Nineteenth Century I Setting the Context y Social Darwinismsurvival of the fittest in the workforce y Gilded age rooted to the Civil War legacy of violence thy Cannot described situation of all 19 century women large numbers were poor and many were also immigrants y 18701910 northeast USA o Industrial center rule the country o Majority were born in America at least middle classII The Legacies of Seneca Falls yUnited women across race and class lines o Ballot o Equal economic opportunity o Temperance o End to sexual double standard y Called ultimately for the full empowerment for people like themselves o Selfownership and selfpossession wanted end of selfeffacement y Wanted public life and full citizenship instead of privatized lives they were living y Despite efforts experience huge defeat ballot given to black men before women y Support for those women who didnt want to declare their in
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