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Tutorial Notes: Reconstruction of America after the Civil War

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Tutorial Reconstruction after the Civil War y What to do after the war o Readmitting the southern states into the Union o What to do with all the freed slaves in the southrights and limitations of freedom o How to deal with the confederates o New republican majority in the south o Two nationalismsconflicting national identity y Industrializationproblem in the south agriculture based y Still fracturedconflict after the war o Nothing in the constitution to heal the rift between north and south y Religious literature boomed after northern victory y Secession killed by northern victory y North parasitic on the identity of the south y Centralization and the Federal Government o Undermining the states o Had to centralize to reconstruct the countrymoney soldiers infrastructure etc o Presidents power increased under Andrew Johnson after the impeachment crisis extension of power under Lincoln as wellLinco
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