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Lecture 30 - The American Empire

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

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Lecture 30The American Empire I William McKinley the Crisis of the 1890s and the Large Policy y Elected in 1896 Republican reelected in 1900 assassinated in 1901 y First and foremost issue the Depression of the 1890s and impact it had on the political economy and the people of the United States o Challenged the American Dream o Fracturing national unity class conflict etc needed to be reintegrated y Abilities underestimated y Effort to add strength to the Republican coalition by pointing out advantages of imperialism and an American EmpireII The Brief Summary of Events The Generation of 1898 y SpanishAmerican War 1898 o Produces American protectorates in Puerto Rico Cuba Haiti Dominican Republic Nicaragua Panama o Hawaii annexed later o American Secretary of State John Hay an imperialist in the middle of European involvement in Ch
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