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Lecture 31 - Sport and Recreation in 19th Century America

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Lecture 31Sport and Recreation in America I Contextual Introduction y Recreation depends on increasing amounts of leisure y More towards middle class people y Increasingly obvious that the imposition of an industrial system exists across the Union o Eg clock chronometric time instead of seasonal time o Value opportunity to escape from constraints of time leisure y Cannot explain why a single game becomes preeminent y Eg cycling 1890s croquet 1870s etc y Only occurs when the national union had been secured with the surrender of Lee in Virginia in 1865 o Pittsburghvolunteer firefighter units started playing baseball o Crossed class lines y People had to follow a set of requirements because of the industrial system show up on time be productive etc o Time is money o Addiction and alcoholism very common in societyII Identifying a National Game a The National Pastime y Needed something to integrate the polarities separating s
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