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Native and European Relations in Colonial America

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

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If as Shoemaker contends natives and Europeans had similarities in their thinking about the world then how did distinct differences of identity emerge between them Think of all the chapters here y Similarities made differences more clear y Differences used to politicize used to justify exploitation of natives y Natives started to accept differences didnt want to be like the white man y Natives saw frailty of European civilization greed tendency to not be loyal to agreementsy Assimilation and Resistance of the Natives How does Shoemaker organize her chapters on gender and race What does she argue in them y Discussion of similarities and how they were then used to identify differences y Gender Talks more about female gender roles and metaphors than male y Race skin determined race characteristics become associated with skin colour negative traits associated with skin colour o Idea of red skin came from Native ideasEarth blood etc o More rooted in appearance than religion y Race and gender are social constructionsDo you believe that Shoemaker adequately explained how natives and Europeans came to see themselves as different What do you think happened to their similarities You cannot answer this question by relying only on the book I want to know your opinion y So focused on how they were different from each other that they couldnt see how similar they really were y Europeans looking for a reason to separate themselves from the natives believed they were savages and didnt want to see that they had anything in common with themHow did war shape gender diplomatic and cultural relations between natives and Europeans y Diplomatico Albany Congress persuaded the Iroquois to become more supportive of the British rather than the French created a new Native ally but the plan eventually collapsed because no colonial legislature would surrender their control of taxation o Walking Purchase Delaware natives agreed to sell as much land that could be walked in a day and a half complained of unfair
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