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Settling America and the Impacts of Colonists on America

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Tutorial 2 Responses 1The competition for an empire had a major impact on the way that Europeans colonialized North AmericaThe competition for wealth was immense After the great success of the Spanish in the New World discovery of vast amounts of gold and other material wealth inspired many of the other nations such as the British to try and get their fair share or completely take over the New WorldMaterial wealth from the colonies could be shipped back to the mother country and sold within the nation itself or to other countries for a huge profitMoney is power therefore the more colonies you have the more goods you can import and exportfor profit equals a greater amount of global powerFor example being able to import goods such as gold wheat tobacco and other agricultural products not found in Europe can make the crown a great deal of money MERCANTILISM Europeans tried to colonize as much land as they possibly could as fast as they possibly couldAt first the native peoples could be quite useful for the Europeans to learn the ways of the land and about the different resources that were availableHowever greed and the need for power became far more importantExpansion of European colonies came at the expense of the natives and Europeans didnt seem to mindAs long as there was a profit to be
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