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Lecture 35 - The Cult of Efficiency

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Lecture 32The Cult of Efficiency I Time the Modern and Industry aBreaking a people to Industrial Rhythms yIncreasing importance on chronometric time defines the rhythm of life o Life regulated by the clock y 18811905 30000 strikes in the USA 60 were union led o Involved call for the 10 hour day and higher wages y Great national pastime baseball develops for people to escape from time y Time zones put into place for the railroads y Over about 25 generations the system is imposed on peopley Ruling class often associated itself with the workers o Mayor council police etc y Emergence of cities o Many in the northeast New Orleans and San FranciscoII Contested Terrain Managers and the Control of Specialized Knowledge y People who ran the factories were from newer families and were united around the idea of breaking down the old ruling families wealth and protestants o Opportunity should be based on merit alone y Universities developing o Open to both sons and daughters y Jobs should be open to the most qualified and the higher educated y C
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