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Lecture 35, Part 2 - World War One Overseas & At Home

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Lecture 35 Part 2World War I OverseasAt Home y The Selective Service Act 1917 o 126000 men in the standing army not enough men o No exemptions or bounties o Presented as a national crusade o Theodore Roosevelt wanted to raise his own volunteer corps again Wilson refused o Even though it was a national army local draft board were created created uneven administration o Pool of 25 million Americans between 1845 3 million were drafted and 2 million volunteeredOnly 1 million actually reached France July 1917 they arrived and started fighting in November 1917 o General John PershingCommander of troops in EuropeWanted the Americans to fight together not filler for others o American forces didnt have much in terms of military suppliesAllies had to supply themMoney was a major gain for the Allies and having them come over was a huge boost of morale for
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