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Lecture 37, Part 1 - The 1920s: America in the Jazz Age

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Lecture 37 Part 1The 1920s America in the Jazz Agey Roaring 20s o New music like jazz appearing also new dances like the Charleston o More openness about sex o Revolution in morals for women o Flappersshort skirts short hair cuts drank alcohol sexual freedom divorceLooser attitudes o F Scott Fitzgerald Dorothy Parker Sinclair Lewis o Prohibition thought to be a joke but thought it was okay for the working class o Fear of working classes immigrants strikers unionists y Divisions in American Society o Modern vs traditional attitudes and morals o Dry vs wetprohibition o Nativism vs internationalism o Isolationism vs internationalism o Science vs religion o Urban vs rural o Labour vs management y National Origins Act set an immigration quota for each country and prevented immigration from Japan y 1919 over 4000 strikes y Politics o Warren G Harding 19211923Called for a return to normalcyCalled the Presidents Commission on UnemploymentAdministration turned out to be corrupt y Teapot Dome Scandal Wyoming secretary of the Interior illegally leased private oil reserves got over 300000 y 1923 several resignations and suicides y Harding died before scandals were found out o Calvin Coolidge 19231929Honest quiet remote serious demeanor thought to be a problem sometimesCreated a special commission to investigate the Harding administration scandals y The Red Scare o Fear of communism not a new thing in the United States but really increased after World War 1 o Now associated with RussiaUSSR o 1919 new communist Russia announced a plan to promote worldwide communism very frightening for Americans o Socialist Party in the United States denounced o Patriotism increased crimes against unpatriotic people okay
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