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Western University
History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Lecture 39The 1930sFranklin Delano Roosevelt o Born into wealthy family alma matter Harvard o Admired second cousin Theodore Roosevelt o Polio nearly killed him wheelchair o Thought that in a time of crisis the government should help people who cannot help themselvesThe only thing we have to fear is fear itself o Started fireside chats to communicate with the American people o President 19331945 elected 3 timesAfter a two term limit was set o New DealersAll the minds he thought could help himIntellectuals educators etco Government had responsibility to help people as much as possibleRegulating banks ensuring deposits allowing labour unions to organized emergency projects for employment etcCWA Civil Works AdministrationCCC Civil Conservation Corps way to get people employed men from 1727 in good physical condition given work for 9 monthsBuild fire towers planting trees making trails etc o BEF occupied Washington againFDR provided them tents showers and invited them to join the CCCEleanor Roosevelt visited and talked to BEF membersMany took up offer to join CCCOrson Wells and War of the Worlds broadcast o People thought Earth was being attacked by Martians o Really just a new kind of broadcast caused mass hysteriaMusic of the period was optimistic but some were very realisticMovies o Many Americans went to the movies every week during the 1920s o Movie theatres responded by dropping ticket prices from 30 cents to 20 cents o Time of movie palaces o Some movies were more realistic o Many have stories of movement and migration o ExamplesThe Grapes of WrathThe Wizard of OzGone with the WindKing Kong King Kong to represent the Depression American success myth turned upside down
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