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Lecture 40 – America in World War II.docx

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Lecture 40 Part 1America in World War IIJapanUSA Relations o Japan had been actively rapidly expanding in AsiaAmerica saw this as a threat to American interests o July 1940Roosevelt but an embargo on certain goods shipped to JapanAircraft parts chemicals etcThings were needed to sustain their economy and war effort o United States Pacific Fleet should be moved from San Diego to Pearl Harbor in HawaiiAdmiral James Richardson commander in chief of the fleet told Roosevelt this wasnt a wise moveWent public with view fired replaced by Husband Kimmel o July 1941Freezes all Japanese exports in the United States and stopped export of oil to JapanUS says is Japan leaves China and IndoChina Japan refuses o United States military power was in Japans way conflict seems imminentWould have to attack Pearl Harbor as well as bases in the PhilippinesAdmiral Isoruku Yamamoto said that
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