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Lecture 40, Part 2 – America in World War II

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Western University
History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Lecture 40 Part 2America in World War IIPearl Harbor the first of several successful Japanese attacks in the PacificDoolittle Raids o Colonel James Doolittle chosen to lead raid on Tokyo o No allied bases where the planes could take off from yet were successful o Had taken off from USS Hornet aircraft carrier o Wasnt a huge success o 8 pilots were captured 3 beheaded by Japanese o But was a huge moral boost for AmericaReaction to December 7 1941 o Very shocking similar to an invasion o Fear anger sadness etc o Where would Japan attack next Maybe west coast of the mainland o Fear of Japanese Americans o Image developed of the Japanese being deviousPermanent Changes as Result of the War o United States increased military arsenal to huge proportions o Mass hysteria towards Japanese Americans civil rights of Japanese Americans violated o Atomic bomb o American isolationism gone US has to be involved in the world o Increase in prestige for American military ties with industry become closer o Increase in government involvement in the economySocial changes as a result of the war o Social responses to the war o Unprecedented unity within the US o Common sense of danger west coast invasion o Heightened use of images as propaganda for the warWar bonds V for Victory o More women entered the workforce Increased female labour force by 50Entering jobs that were seen as male jobRosie the Riveter Expected to give jobs back to men when they came back o Women joined the armed forcesMoving into traditionally male jobsTruck drivers mechanics WASPS Didnt participate in combatNurses ended up serving close to the field o Women making money but nothing to spend it onRationingGovernment ordered a reduction in yardage to make clothing
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