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Lecture 41 – Origins of the Cold War

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Western University
History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

LectureOrigins of the Cold WarPost WWII o End of isolationism o Fear of another surprise attack o Mistake American had made not joining the League of NationsCollective security o Appeasement have to stand up to aggression right awayMilitary action o New faith in as well as fear of new technological developmentsEg atomic bomb o Needs to learn how to cope with being a nuclear power o 1949 Soviet Union develops its own bombHow could it be gods weapon if he gave it to the communists o Formed uneasy alliance with the Soviets during WWII based on common enemyo Truman only vice president for a few months before FDR died o Wasnt told about the atomic bomb uneasy relations with Stalin etc o 19451952 US conducted over 300 nuclear tests o Fear of America being the victim of being bombedDuck and Cover o InterventionismJoining the United Nations ContainmentGeorge F Kennan o Mr X o Suggested that the way to coexist with the Soviets was through containment o Had to oppose the expansion of communismThe Truman Doctrine o Support from the United States to countries suffering from oppression from outside powers and are fighting for freedomThe Marshall Plan o George MarshallSecretary of State o ERP European Recovery Plan more commonly known as the Marshall Plan o Plan to send American financial aid to Europe to help rebuild after the warThe Berlin Airlift o Yalta Conference defeated Germany divided into four zones occupied by the Americans Soviets British and FrenchEast and West Berlin divided by the wall o Wanted to keep Germany weak o Soviets tried to force all other powers out of Berlin o To get good to the people of Berlin they flew over 2 million tones of supplies to help the peopleAmericans and British Royal Air Force
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