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Tutorial 12 – Multiculturalism and the Wars

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Tutorial 12Multiculturalism and the Wars 1How does Takaki use examples of racial prejudice against African Americans and Native Americans to show how Americans experienced the warPersonal experiences of people during the time period not third personBrings up examples of how the soldiers were rejecting and prejudiced towards the African American soldiers o Incident on the bus trainNot one uniform perspectivePowerful people made segregation and prejudice institutionalIra Hays hero of Iwo Jima o Even though he was a war hero he was still a second class citizenWhite mans war some natives like the Navajo didnt want to help defend the people who conquered their lands o Some supportive the red soldier is tough o Condemned the Axis powers as an unholy triangleFighting not just for their country but commitment to their own ethnic identities o Make democracy more multicultural gives hopeNation as a collection of people all in it together for the
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