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American History Slaves doc

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History 2301E
Graham Broad

American History November 20th1865 13 amendment frees the slaves abolished November 1863 Gettysburg addressSpeech took three minutesHe is referring to declaration of independence This time the rights apply to all menThe civil war is about whether or not a nation can exist where all men are created equalIt is up to the living to extend the principles of the declaration of independence to all AmericansThe war is about extending human freedom1864apologises for slavery second a addressThe civil war is the price they paid for the sin of slaveryApril 16 1865 L is assassinatedlived to see the last battle of the civil war 1865 shot in the back of the head at the theatre Reconstruction of the country after the civil warshould read in text bookMost pressing political questions until 1877 end of the reconstruction era because the last confederate government elected a democratic state government What should be demanded by the rebels before they are let back inWho is responsible for the rebellion and who should be punished f
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