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History 2301 Warfare in colonial America.doc

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Western University
History 2301E
Graham Broad

History 2301 Warfare in colonial AmericaThe 7 years warBegins in colonial Americaspills over into EuropeIt is referred to as the French and Indian WarWhy did the British win the 7 years warCommand of the oceans British Naval Supremacyable to block French supply ships Able to pick and choose where they were able to send their troopsBritish began to listen to Native allies Adopted Aboriginal warfareSpent large amounts invested in the war and took advantage of their resources to overwhelm the French New France was established as a commercial venture Not a settlers societyStar shaped fortifications that they would build into the ground France has a smaller population than the English but they have formidable defences to aid them 108 forts along the fur trading routes How did the war start westward expansion by British settlers into French territory Edward Braddock 16951755English military leader Was ambushed by French and nativesFrench lost 20 English 9
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