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Lecture 48 – The 1990s

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Lecture 48 – The 1990s  Bill Clinton o Ran against Bush in the 1992 election  Governor of Arkansas  Largest voter turnout in 20 years  First baby boomer to be in office, inspired by John F. Kennedy  No military experience, went to university instead of Vietnam o Wanted to focus on domestic policy, but became involved in peacekeeping missions in Haiti and Bosnia o Economy doing well  Low unemployment and inflation o Reforms:  NAPTA  Brady Bill  Health Care  Led by Hilary Clinton  Provide health care to all Americans, failed o Vs. Newt Gingrich  Speaker of the House  “Contract with America”  Tax cuts, broader death penalty, cut backs on health care and environmental policies  Clinton threatened to veto the budget, forced to compromise o 1996 Election  Clinton vs. Dole  First Democrat since FDR to win a second term o Vs. Ken Starr  Scandal: January 1998  Linda Trip taped conversations with Monica Lewinsky who talked about her intimate relationship with President Clinton  Republicans wanted Clinton to be impeached  Accused of perjury and obstruction o Impeachment  US public didn’t support the impeachment  1999: went to the senate, all 45 democratic senators voted to acquit Clinton  House of Representative becomes the grand jury, indictment sent to the Senate for trial  Clinton had professional lawyers  Economy o Development and growth of
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