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Manorialism and Rural Society

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History 2401E

Lecture 25Jan 9 2012 Manorialism and Rural Societyy 1000 enter centralhigh middle ages o Classical era of medieval era o See growth of trade and economics o See religious life revitalized through people o Increased centralization esp in France and England o More sophisticated theology o New art and architechalGothic cathedral flourishes y 10001300 contrast to dark ages o See more effective governments by bishops nobles kings o See less threats of invasions o Massive spike in population o All underpinned by idea that labour is needed to be able to create the growthAgriculture is the base of central middle ages y Overwhelming ruralmost in lived in countryside o Most of European inhabitants were the lower classes y The village o Increased in population and infant survival rate o Have people who work people who pray and people who fight o Peasantsrural workerWork came from Latin that is closely related to the term paganW Europe knew of two settlement patterns nucleated village and dispersed settlement y Dispersed settlement Cornwall Scotlandtend to have less rich thsoilPopulation was not greatBy 11 century villages move towards nucleated village y Nucleated villages went wherever people coul
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