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Monastic Lifestyle

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Lecture 27Jan 16 2012finishing lasts lecture y Increasing trade between cities y Guildinstitution that arose during Central Middle Ages o Germanic word o Created by town inhabitants to serve their common interest o When a member died other members would help take care of descends family o Had schools set up to teach young men o Served as a source of religiongave people things to believe in o Secured a monopoly on towns business for membersHad to be part of guild to be able to sell things at retail price and conduct business o Officers of guild and town officials were often the same individuals o As time went on both groups separated and multiple guilds were madeDifferent guilds made to represent different professions y Communesanother institution that arose o Had great social and economic autonomy o See increase degree of political autonomy often achieved through forceCarried out through sworn alliance tho 9 century onwards political authority of bishops was strengthened through authority of emperorEmperors depended on bishops to bolster their authorityMerchants and artisans sworn alliance with noble vassals to destroy bishops authorityBy 1080 individual communes developed into individual city towns tho 11 century slowly spread to the NInvolved townspeople alone excluded noblemen living in th
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