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The Church in the Age of Innocent III

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History 2401E

Lecture 29Jan 25 2012 The Church in the Age of Innocent IIIy The Mendicant OrdersEmphasis on povertyPreachers called people for sorrowful and imitation of poverty as Europeans were enjoying their fruits of prosperityReligious order was devoted to imitate Christ and live a life similar to Christ o DominicansOrder of PreachersDominic requested to be a missionary to Asia from Innocent III y Innocent sent Dominic to southern France to fight against heretics y Dominic organized close associates and lived sidebyside of French heretics o Viewed heresy as an educational problemconvinced that heresy arose because individuals didnt receive proper information o Wanted to teach peopleBecame relatively popularOrder recognized by Innocent in 1216 after Dominic had attended Fourth Lateran Council the year before y Focused on teaching and preaching y Emphasis on teaching membersMembers required to know the Bible textbook on theology popular Bible simple terms y Suppose to arm them with materials needed to educate public and explain church doctrines
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