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The Crusades in the Holy Land

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Western University
History 2401E

Lecture 30Jan 30 2012 The Crusades in the Holy Landy Ideological driven violent y First Crusade began in France at Council of Clair Mont 1095 o Pope Urban II gave a speechAppealed to French aristocracy for military helpPlea for help on benefit of Byzantine emperorAim was to summon vast army against Eastern Europe that was suppressed under Muslim ruleSituation was an opportunity to fix alliance with Greek church and begin to reassert authority in the EEmphasized different things y Sense of community with eastern side y Appealed to European fear of Muslim atrocity o Members of French aristocracy and members of Church were present o Growing emphasis on penance but Urban promoting war as penance o Emphasis on wrongdoing of knights and dukes o Church tried to use religious authority to say when and where fighting couldnt take placeWanted to protect secular world o Many had taken up image of the cross o Only success y Second Crusade o Alexius did not want army led by mystical group o Many crusader forces outside of Constantinople 109
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