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Crusade in Europe

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History 2401E

Lecture 31Feb 1 2012 Crusade in EuropeThe Crusades in the Holy Land y Knights went to holy land were promised a full indulgent y Priest would give some sort of penance y 1095 Pope Urban called for pilgrimage to recapture Jerusalem o Result establishment of crusader forts o First crusade o Fall of county of Medusa in 1144 called for second crusade y Second CrusadeLouis VII supported o Result failure y 1189 attempt to recapture Muslim land y Phillip II participated in Second Crusade o Richard left alone to fight y Third Crusade o Ended with European control with majority of land o Did not get JerusalemTreaty drawn up to allow for Europeans to come in y 1202 Pope Innocent III called for another attempt to recapture Jerusalem o Number of crusaders was not enough o Venusians made a deal with crusaders to capture landInnocent III threatened excommunication for those who participated o Crusaders accepted another offerFuture Byzantine emperor offered money if army got rid of current rulerEvent when much of art and treasure of Roman period and middle period was lost y Destroyed andor stolen by crusadersPope was ashamed and everyone was excommunicated y Crusades proved to be a durable institution in medieval Europe o Able to adapt to new political ends and survived as an ideal that co
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