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The Albigensian Crusade

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History 2401E

Lecture 32Feb 6 2012 The Albigensian Crusadey In Europe y CatharsAlbigensians o CatharsGreek word meaning pure o Albigensiansword from Alby y Dominated southern France y Most hostile reports from Orthodox Christians who were opposed to their state y Claimed Cathars were dualistbelieved in existence of two Gods one good one evil y Believed physical world was created by Satan and spiritual world was created by God o Satan had somehow trapped the people between good and evil physical form being the earth y Believed the only destruction of physical body could liberate the soul o Result severely restricted diets selfinflicted pain o Rejected use of medicine o Did not believe in mass Christ being in the bread and wine y Laying on of the handsequivalent to a baptism o Admission into Cathar sect y Accused of having some sort of modern organization o Had quasibishops o The Perfectstaught and preached promoting Cathar sect y Had sympathy from powerful local magnates and local bishops that werent keen on people interfering in their area y Not sure what drove this o Arguably centred on their disapproval for
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