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Henry III

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History 2401E

Lecture 34Feb 13 2012 Previous lecture contd y 1189 When Henry II was succeeded by Richard y Richard was like Louis VIII who was viewed as an ideal king o Richards perceived bravery and strong army o Went on crusade and devoted to that idea o Popular because of bravery quality o Not an effective ruler in hindsight o Spent most time in crusadesan absentee king o Spoke only French o Lived exclusively in Aquitaine if he wasnt in France o Able to collect taxes without problemsTestament to strength and effectiveness of bureaucracy his forefathers had created y Richard was succeeded by John o John was the complete opposite of Richard o Was more involved and abled ruler than Richard o Extremely severe and uncompromisingQuick to angerBecame unpopular within population o Waged many unsuccessful war o Lose many landholdings o Fought with pope about who had controlLost and had to pay tribute to Rome o Accused of killing nephew Arthur o Spring 1215 returned from failure from attempt to reclaim parts of FrancePeople revolted y Excessive taxationBarons able to take London and control itable to keep John out y Eventually able
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