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Medieval University

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History 2401E

Lecture 35Feb 15 2012 Medieval UniversityOrigins of the university y Was not planned happened organically y Universitasmeant all in collective senseCould refer to any corporate body such as medieval guild o Educational guild o Formed to bring likeminded people together and nurture their knowledge of their particular field of studyProtect members to further their common interestsDid not need priest or state permission to formOxford Bologna and London3 oldest universities y Northern Europe guilds of masters teachers y Southern Europe students constituted the guilds y Different balances of power between N and S thy Collapse of Roman authority in 56 century education in Europe was increasingly deprioritized y Education was a means of rising through societal ranks y People thought of monastery as a institution that preserved Christian thought o Not entirely trueChurch produced some new religious text y Charlemagne tried to improve religious education through an attempt of unifying all religious texts y Monastic schools became a place where new generations of monk came to learn y Growing importance of towns around 1000 monasteries became slowly to be eclipsed by another religious educational institution Cathedrals schools typically built in cities y University of Bolognafirst university
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