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Popular Uprising in the Later Middle Ages

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Western University
History 2401E

Lecture 39March 7 2012 Popular Uprisings in the Later Middle AgesEconomic and Social Consequences of the Black DeathNumber of fatalities destroyed agricultural business and severed trade productionsLoss of draft animals meant that starting agriculture business again would be difficult134350 European commercial life halted o After wave of death passed spiral of inflation and recession occurred o Survivors could not demand higher wages because there was a shortage of labourDeduction in population meant drastic demand for things fellRent could be lower because landlords need people to rent land to13 toof population had died after plagueBlessing and a curse for those who survived the Black DeathWorkers blamed for being responsible for bringing back economyGovernment froze wages and prices o Brought about revoltsIncrease in class consciousness o World had a structure where people have particular roles to play o Increase in dissatisfaction in social responsibility and social placePeasants hope for a better life were repressedCiompi Revolt 1378Unguilded textile workersMost popular revoltAttempted to lower wages and raise cloth priceSuddenly thousands were unemployedBriefly captured control and demand
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