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The Hundred Years War: Part 1

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History 2401E

Lecture 40March 12 2012 The Hundred Years War Part 1thy Constant warfare throughout 14 century y Most significant of conflict was the struggle between France and England The Hundred Years War y Name of war is not entirely true o Many smaller battles in between o Went on for longer than 100 years o Started 1337 o French victory in 1453 y Battles fought in transition of medieval warfare o Medieval warfare affected battles how war was fought started to affect more people not just noble aristrocrats y Huge effects on society religion and politics y Grew out of a feudal dispute y Idea of war being an honourable and glorious thing y Merchants were transformed y France and England had a strained relationship since 1066 y Vassals in France gained more control than kings of y King in France was eventually successful able to rule y 1259 Treaty of Paris thy 13 and 14 century letter gave them the right to compensate with Flanders y King of England made lots of money y Outbreak in history y Louis V died without a heir only a daughter and wife y Idea of chivalryknights as warriors y Philip VI spent tons of money that left him in debt o Like Philip III deeply internalized ideals of chivalry which directed their actions o The duchies of Castoning brought both em
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