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History 2403E
Anne Skoczylas

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Italy/Netherlands/Ireland 1494-1559: Italy in constant war 1565-1609: Netherlands 44 years of war 1567-1625: Prince Maurice of Nassau-Orange 1579-1607: Ireland has 28 years of war 1594: Continuous Volley form Italy 1602: EIC, VOC to take spice trade from portugal 1609: Bank ofAmsterdam 1611:Amsterdam stock exchange 1610: Remonstance in favour ofArminionism 1614: Councter remonstrance by gomarists against it, estates forbade further discussion 1618: Maurice had Van Oldebarneveld arrested 1619: Execution of Van Olden…, wealth from slave trade 1621: West india company attacks brazil 1625-47: Frederick Henry of Nassau Orange Stadtholder (fought in 30 yr war, died before treaty son William of orange) 1630: Clear that arminians back in power 1647: William of Orange Stadtholder (until 1650) died of smallpox 1650-1700: leading slave trading state 1653: Dominant anti orange leader in power, period of anglo dutch rivalry and naval war, rise in strength of Louis XIV=danger 1672: Crisis, William III 1677: Mary cousin Mary 1678: Peace with france 1685: Doubt remained after revocation of edi
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