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History 2403E
Anne Skoczylas

Poland/Lithuania/Sweden/Russia (Northern States) 948:Brandenburg founded 1520: Christian II of Denmark and invasion of Sweden, Vasa quarreled with archbishop Trolle of Upsala, Stockholm blood bath, vasa elected regent in the reaction of this 1523: Vasa is king of Sweden 1524: Treaty of Malmo 1527: Found Swedish navy 1533: Ivan IV the terrible reign until 1584 1549: Zemskii Sobor=assembly of the land 1550: Sweden expanded into Finland, Ivan IV implemented a new law code 1553: Richard Chancellor of Sweden Reached Moscow for trade 1556: Russia company for commerce with the new area, Ferdinand I King of HRE until 1558: Livonian War 1559: Conversion of elector palatine 1560-68: Erik XIV, 1560—st. bastilles cathedral under Ivan IV 1564: Maxamillion 1565-72: Division into Oprichnia 1570: sack of Novgorod 1576-1612: Rudolph II 1578: great milk war as a danger signal (a Christian festival celebrating transubstantiation attended by Rudolph II and panics when the milk cans were knocked over) 1580: Book of concord (Lutheran book) 1581: Death of Ivan IV’s heir (drowned in a lake, dropped by accident), goes to Michael Romanov a nephew of Ivan’s wife 1597: revolt over promotion of Catholicism 1605: Revolt in Hungary 1608: Protestant Union 1609: Bohemia: letter of majestry and freedom of conscience but a control of religion, Catholic League, War averted by death of Henry IV 1611: Matthias Forced Rudolph to abandon power 1612-19: Matthais 1613: Beginning of the Romanov’s 1619-37: Ferdinand II and the end of the effort People • Gustavas Vasa 1 • Erik XIV • Ivan IV • Ferdinand I • Ma
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