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Voyaging West

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History 2403E
Margaret Mc Glynn

[bŵź`ŶŴŵŴ [ SY ZYW_` W WbWV`W^WcS_ScS `[Y[S_`T Y[ ZYW_` WS _Y[TWŵŸŶÊ\W[\W Z` _VS !ZWc`WWS^`cS_^[aZVV VZ`!Z[c`W^WcW^W [`W^U[Z` ZWZ`_`[aY !W[^`SZV[a`W^ US_[`W S^WZ[`[Z`WS\ÊX^ USa^[\W SZV_ S[Z [aTa_`[aY``WU ^UaXW^WZUW[X`WY[TWcS_aU_SW^`SZ ` _ WZ[aTa_Y[``[`WWc[^V Z _aZVW^_`SZV ZY ` __ SSZV ` _\W^XWU` [Y US [bWZTWX[^WVW(SSSVY[ZWWTW WbWVWU[aVYW`WS_`T Y[ ZYcW_` [)Z [^`aYSWXS _TWUSa_W`W TW WbW _S\\ ZY _Z[`Y[[VY[W_`[ZYSZV`[ ^SZUWÊWbW^ T[V _S _Z[`[ `W ^WXS ^ _a^WW_c^[ZYSZVUSZ`SXX[^V `Ê X ZS aWWZ)_STWS[X\S ZSUUW\`_ [)Z\S Z`W^W _S_WZ_W[X^W Y [a_-WSÊ)_STWSXWW_`W ^W[ZS^[SZV` Z! `W _[aVTW` Z! ZYST[a`W.\SZ_ [ZÊW.\WV ` [ZWX ZS YW`_ _X ZSZUWVT SZ \SUW_ [/WSVŹ_ \_Ê^WSUW_Wc[^V ZŷŴVS __[WcW^WS[ZYU[S_`[XaTSSZV /S ` [[aY`WSVV _U[bW^WV[a` ZY _SZV_[XXU[S_`[X_ S [/W_W^SVWVS_SW^[ [ [^`aYaW_WTW WbWWV _U[bW^WVXa^`W^ _SZV_c U`W [^`aYaW_WSVUS WV Ê)_STWSS\\WS_`[`W [\Wc[S\\WZWV`[TW\SZ _S``W` W [W.SZVW^)V b VW_`W`SZ` USZV_S _WbW^ ` ZY[Z`WW_`W^Z_ VWTW[ZY_`[ \S ZWbW^ ` ZY[Z`WS_`W^Z_ VW`[ [^`aYSÊ [^`aYSU[\S ZÊŵŸŸ3^WS` [X [^VW_ S_ [WWWV !WV \[S` Ub U`[^ X[^ [^`aYSTWUSa_W`W USZZ[cY[^ Y`Êc[aV S`W^Y bW [^`aYaW_W^ Y``[VWSc `^S- `[aY`W SVZ`V _U[bW^WV ` W` [^WS` _ YZWVT \SZ _SZV [^`Ê_W`_a\TS_ U`W^_[XcS`c S\\WZ [aTa_ZWbW^^WU[YZ -WV`W_ YZ X USZUW[X _V _U[bW^ V WVTW Wb ZYWX[aZV_ S WZWV W_\W[\WTWY Z`[^WS -W`S` ` _SWc[^V`S`WV _U[bW^WVÊ W[\W_`S^` U[ ZY[bW^`[X ZV[a`cS` _Y[ ZY[Z W^ Y[W_\aUU U[W_[bW^ŵŸŻW _S_ \\ ZYU[Z`^SU`[^c[c[^!_X[^`W WV U Z \S ZÊVW_U^ TW_cS`W_WW_ Z` _b[ SYWÊc `TWU[W_W^ USWbWZ`[aYW_Z[`SZ W.\[^W^TWUSa_WWc^[`W `SZVcS_SY[[VYW[Y^S\W^ W_\aUU ^W_\[Z_ TWTWUSa_W[X _c^ ` ZY_X[^^WU[YZ - ZY`S` `cS_SZWcU[Z` ZWZ` [Z` ZaW`[W.\[^WSZV_WWcS``W USZX ZV S^` S _` _WS^UX[^\S__SYW`[`WWS_`Ê` _[bW_S[ZYcWZST[SU^[__WV SZSS Z ŵŹŵŷÊW_[[! ZYX[^Y[V ` [T_W__ [Zc `YW`` ZY`[`WWS_`Ê SYWSZŵŹŵ_` [T_W__WVc `YW`` ZYS^[aZV `Ê Y bWŹ_ \_T \S Z ZŵŹŵÊ Z`WZVWV`[S`WS_`^WSU`W [aUUS_Ê\SZb [S`WV^WS` [X [^VW_ S_Ê SYWSZ_aUUW__Xa U^[__W__[a`W^Z` \[X[a`W^ US[_`Ŷ_ \_[Z`WcS S^[aZVZWbW^_`S^`WV_S ZYWS_`Ê^WSUWV \\ ZW_SZVUS WV`WX[^\S ZV WV`W^WÊ ^WS Z ZYŶ_ \_Ê[ZW_ \`W^ Z VSVcSZ`WV`[Y[TSU!`W U`[^ ScSZ`WV`[U[Z` ZaW`[ )ZV S`W^ Z VSVcS_US\`a^WV`W U`[^ SSVW `TSU! _`[Z _ ZYXWS`[X_WSSZ_ \Ê[\WZWV[^W [^`aYaW_W[_` ` [^`aYaW_WS Z`S ZX ^Y^ \[Z _SZV_ÊS^W_U[W_a\c ` VWS[X_W ZY _ Z`W^W_` Z S_``[ [^`aYaW_WX[^S[`[X[ZW Ê^WS` [XS^SY[__SŵŹŶÊ\SZ S^V_U[ZX ZW_WbW_`[cW_` /[cc `W VWSc `SZVaZVW^_`SZV`WZWcU[Z` ZWZ`6 WZ`W cWZ`WS_``W V _U[bW^WVZWc` ZY_USZYWVb Wc[X[c`Wc[^Vc[^!_T^WS!_ `[W _YW[Y^S\ ÊT^WS!ZWcTS^^ W^_ÊTa``W !ZWc`S`)ZV SSZV ZScW^W`W^W\W[\W SVTWWZ`W^WTWX[^W`W 7a_`W.\SZVWV`S`!Z[cWVYW [WZ`W Y[cW_`SZV`W^W _S^SV US ZWcS^WS`W SVZ[ VWS `cS_`W^WÊ `W _Sc`WY[TWS_X WVc `_ SX^ USSZVa^[\WTa`Z[c`W^W_SZWc U[Z` ZWZ``S``W SVZ[ VWSW. _`WVÊ ZVT[c ZYW.\SZ_ [Z[X!Z[cWVYWÊ`W SVZ`WbWZ SY ZWV`W^WTW ZY[^WSZVÊSZV `cS_\[\aS`WV /[cUSZ`W _WWcS``W ^W_WW ZY ZSZ WSZ ZYXacS 6 /[cUSZ`W VW_U^ TW `TSU! Za^[\W`[\W[\Wc[SbWZWbW^_WWZ `6 /[cc `W _\^WSV`W_W VWS_6 Y\^[TW`W WZU[aZ`W^c `Wc[^VÊX[^W YZcS _bS_` V XXW^WZ`8[cc[aV [a VW_U^ TW_[W` ZY [aSVZWbW^_WWZTWX[^W6 [`W^\^[TW _`W^W _S[`[X ZX[^
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