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Peter the Great

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Western University
History 2403E
Jeffrey Temple

Europe April 1Peter the Great 16821725The imperial ageModernizerwesternizer Peter became Tsar 1682 at the age of 10he becomes coTsar with his older brother and half sister1696 after his brother and mother are dead and his sister is a nun peter has personal hold of power Physically he is intimidating he is almost 7 feet tall Very intellectualdoes not have a lot of formal education BUT he had a massive urge to learn Very involved in all aspect of his government Accomplished military and naval commanderworked his way up from the bottom but promoted himself Learned over 20 trades carpentry dentist etc He travelled extensivelytravels to western Europe16978 and 1717 Wants to learn as much as he can about western politics and military travels undercover Had a bad tempercrude and sometimes very cruel Dual personalityBUT he doesnt slip into paranoia like other Russian rulersReforms much debate with historiansdid he have a clear plan Or were his reforms ficklescattered What was the motivationsome historians sa
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