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Western University
History 2403E
Jeffrey Temple

March 25 2009Louis XIVVersaillesBecomes a world of balls masks and balletsBecame the world of theatre where politics were being carried outNoblesThe nobles are forced to compete among themselves for Louis attentionThey have to pick up their own tab when they hangout in Louis playgroundThey have to line up in order to help Louis go to bedoHe has the nobles wrapped around his fingerThey are so busy fighting and competing among themselves that they do not think to stand against himParlement1667Demands that his laws are ratified without having to call an EstatesGeneralHe does not allow for others to oppose his notionsbecomes the most absolute ruler in EuropeAll other Monarchs strive to achieve this He is still bound by tradition and law thoughnot absolute rule1685Hugenots Tears up Edict of Naught Demands that all children are raised as Catholics Took away education for ProtestantsThe hugenots leaveRememberthey make up the University peopleBRAIN DRAINResults of his rule16511715Taxes doubledmainly among the peasantsFamine hits hardLouis does nothing to turn on agricultureEXAM COMPARE JAMES ILOUIS XIVCHARLES VRUSSIAthUntil the 18 Century Russia has followed a much different path than Western EuropeThey did not experience the religious instability that the rest of Europe didThey view themselves as being a very cultured and civilized societyMedieval RussiaKievan RusLoosely federated statethe political predecessor to RussiaBryzantine EmpireThe capital was Constantinople The remnants of Rome Russian culture was built off of these remnantsMuscovyRuler of Muscovy was Ivan III 1572Sophie PaleologueIvan III married her and into the Royal family of the Bryzantine EmpireIvan claims the throne through this marriageTsarAutocratThis is where Russia gains its political structureModelled after RomeHis areas are very sparse and divideddifficult to rule over
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